The Visit

After the play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director: Oleg Dobrovolsky Watch the trailer
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Duration: 4 hours 20 mins. with two intermissions

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16 December,  Sunday
17 December,  Monday
18 December,  Tuesday
18 January,  Friday
19 January,  Saturday
13 March,  Wednesday
14 March,  Thursday

The premiere took place on 2 November 2017.

Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt wrote the story of a wealthy resident of the city of Güllen taking revenge on former fellow citizens who once betrayed her in 1956 as a criticism of postwar society which had not yet righted itself.

In Oleg Dobrovolsky’s production this tale takes on the features of a new mythology: what is transhumanism and can it stop evil if its mechanism was launched long ago? The modern Claire Zachanassian is a fine-tuned death machine, von Trier’s Grace from Dogville and aged Gretchen from Goethe's Faust at the same time. The protagonist of the play - Alfred Ill - faces a choice: to admit guilt and destroy himself, or, having lost everything, to change and find himself anew.

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