Anastasia Nefyodova

Costume designer, graphic designer, set designer. Chief designer of the theatre

Anastasia Nefyodova joined the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre in 2013 as a member of Boris Yukhananov’s original team, whose job it was to transform the old Stanislavsky Drama Theatre into an entirely new venue. She actively worked with architects from the Wowhaus Studio and with designer Yury Kharikov to recreate the new theatre’s interiors. For Boris Yukhananov’s The Blue Bird trilogy she created a unique set of over 350 fantastical costumes. Her next project was the opera serial Drillalians, for whose costumes she won the 2016 Golden Mask award for costume design in a musical production.

Anastasia Nefyodova graduated from the production department of the Moscow Art Theater school. While still a student she worked as a set designer on the graduation productions at the Shchepkin Higher Theater School. In her last year of study she participated in Georgy Isaakyan’s production of Don Pasquale at the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater (a recipient of the Golden Mask award for the best opera).

She completed an internship at Staatstheater in Stuttgart, Germany, after which she continued to work in Moscow as a costume designer with such directors as Oleg Tabakov (The Champions, Tabakov Theater) and Alexander Ogaryov (The Priest’s Children, Pushkin Theater). Among her cinematic collaborations are: Inhale-Exhale by Ivan Dyhovichny and Moscow 2017 (Branded) by Jamie Bradshaw and Alexander Dulerayn. Anastasia has an active career in television. She has collaborated on a series of successful films with Maryus Vaysberg, including Love in the Big City – 2, Eight First Dates, Napoleon vs. Rzhevsky. She created the clever Fashion Collection for the Perets TV-channel, and has worked in the sphere of children’s television as a host of fashion shows for children and teenagers.

Anastasia is a lecturer at the Cinemotion film school, at Boris Yukhananov's Studio of Individual Directon, and conducts master classes for those who are interested in contemporary costume design. She has been the principal designer of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre since 2013.