Yevgeny Kapustin


Kapustin has collaborated with the School of Dramatic Art, and the Bulgakov House Museum-Theatre. He joined the company of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre in 2016.

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2023Ера, «Икра трески», реж. Игорь Макаров
2023Ваня, «Мамочка», реж. Евгений Бедняков
2022Свердлов, «Черная пурга», реж. Денис Азаров
2022Мальчик, «Роналду никогда не догонит мою бабушку», реж. Никита Бетехтин
2021Монах, «Сад», реж. Денис Азаров
2020Ипикрат, «Остров рабов», реж. Ася Князева
2019Пьеро, Раффлезия, Актер театра Манджафокко, «Пиноккио. Театр», реж. Борис Юхананов
2018Brother,, directed by Alexander Nikitin
2017Son of Alfred Ill, The Visit, directed by Oleg Dobrovolsky
2017Anisim Zotikovich Alleluia, Zoika’s Apartment, directed by Olga Lukichyova
2017Pilad, Andromaque, directed by Leisan Faizullina
2016Damis, Tartuffe, directed by Philipp Grigoryan
2016Biorobot Paco, Love Machines, directed by Maria Chirkova
2015The Golden Ass. The Open-Circuited Workspace, directed by Boris Yukhananov
Roles in other theaters
2016RUSSKA BARKA, Andy Warhol, directed by Jovan Stamatovich-Karic, Territory Festival
2014Action, Bloom, One Day in the Life of Leopold Bloom, directed by Igor Yatsko, School of Dramatic Art
2014Jacques, As You LIke It, directed by Georgy Fetisov, School of Dramatic Art
2013Theseus, Aegeus, Ariadne, directed by Igor Yatsko, School of Dramatic Art
2012Styopa Likhodeev, Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi, Berlioz and others, The Master and Margarita, directed by Igor Yatsko, School of Dramatic Art
2012Ambitious One, The Little Prince, directed by Olesya Nevmerzhitskaya, Bulgakov House Museum-Theatre
2010Alliluya, Zoika’s Apartment, directed by Igor Yatsko, Bulgakov House Museum-Theatre
2009Cleonte, Pancrasse, Brendavoin, Half-Mad Jourdain, directed by Igor Yatsko, the Irina Feofanova Workshop
Roles in the cinema
2015Roman, The Matron Effect, directed by Eduard Palmov
2013The Trail, directed by Vsevolod Aravin
2012Sergeant Petrov, Marina Grove, directed by Alexander Khvan
2011Choose Your Fate, directed by Oleg Khaibullin
2011Zaitsev + 1, directed by Maxim Pezhemsky
2011Love and Other Nonsense, directed by Roman Ivanov