Vladimir Dolmatovsky


Graduated from the department of theatrical art at the Institute of Humanitarian Education and Information Technologies (Vladimir Korenev studio) in 2011. That same year he joined the company of the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre.

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2021Дуда, Пак, «Сон в летнюю ночь», реж. А. Нардин
2021Стрекоза, «Сверчок», реж. Марфа Горвиц
2019Иностранец, Официант, «Пиноккио. Театр», реж. Борис Юхананов
2019Джо, «Служанки бульвара Сансет», реж. Владимир Коренев
2017Glumov, For a Wise Man, directed by Georgy Grishchenkov
2017TV presenter, The Visit, directed by Oleg Dobrovolsky
2017Dead Body, Thief, Champagne, Beer, Zoika's Apartment, directed by Olga Lukichyova
2016Slava, Designer, Love Machines, directed by Maria Chirkova
2016Egmont Klausen, Before Sunset, directed by Vladimir Kosmachevsky
2015Little Matei, The Colonel Bird, directed by Roman Drobot
2015Entertainer, The Constant Principle. Part II, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015Sugar, Penguin, Monk, The Blue Bird, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015Gondolier, Drillalians, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015People, The Human Use of Human Beings, directed by Romeo Castellucci
2015The Golden Ass. Segment “City”, directed by Boris Yukhananov
Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2012Prideful, Dogs, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Variety Theatre guest, Holidaymaker in Yalta, Student, Guest at the Ball, The Master and Margarita, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Corps de ballet of Moliere's theatre, Moliere (A Cabal of Hypocrites), directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Sunday, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, directed by Oleg Anischenko and Mikhail Belyakovich
2012Captain Mamon, Dolls, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2011Pioneer, Cuba - My Love, directed by Tatyana Akhramkova (replacement)
2011Witches, Six Characters in Search of an Author, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2011Ivanushka the Fool, The Frog Princess, directed by Olga Velikanova, Alexander Tovstonogov (replacement)
Roles in the cinema
2019Антон, «Склифосовский» (7-8 сезон), реж. Юлия Краснова
2018«Звоните ДиКаприо!» (эпизод), реж. Жора Крыжовников
2017Kirill, The Lancet, directed by Yelena Nikolaeva
2017Anton, Sklifosovsky-5, directed by Andrei Selivanov and Yulia Krasnova
2016Oleg, Sticker, directed by Dmitry Baran
2016Witness, I See, I Know, directed by Eldar Salavatov and Alexei Lukanev
2016Addict, Private Bodyguards, directed by Mikhail Solovyov
2015Football player, Olga (TV series), directed by Alexei Nuzhny and Igor Voloshin
2014Pasha, The Batagami Case, directed by Oksana Sidorenko
2013Stas, Pyatnitsky. Chapter Three, directed by Michislav Yuzovsky
2012Artist, The Clairvoyant, directed by Ilya Khotinenko
2011Prisypkin, Institute for Noble Maidens, directed by Leonid Belozorovich, Sergei Danelyan, and
2010Pasha, Wood Grouse-3, directed by Guzel Kireeva and Vyacheslav Kaminsky
2010Andrei Babanov, Cops-3, directed by Sergei Shchugarev, Eduard Redzhepov
2010Drone, The Loop, directed by Andrzej Petras
2010Tоlik, Division 9, directed by Anatoly Artamonov