Anton Kapanin


Anton Kapanin graduated from the Ecole d'Art children's theatre studio where he studied with Igor Yatsko. He began performing in The City of Millionaires (directed by Mark Zakharov) at the Lenkom Theatre in 2004.

He graduated from the Shchepkin Institute (the Beilis-Ivanov studio) in 2009 and immediately joined the troupe of the School of Dramatic Art, where he was cast in Night Gives Birth to Day, The Mystery of the Lost Snow, Utopia Reconstruction: Moscow 1922, The Constant Principle and other productions. He collaborated with the Kazantsev-Roshchin Playwright and Director Center, the Bulgakov House Museum-Theatre and other venues.

In 2014 he joined the company of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2023Охранник (Пётр), «Икра трески», реж. Игорь Макаров
2023Коля, «Мамочка», реж. Евгений Бедняков
2022Врач, Таксист, «Черная пурга», реж. Денис Азаров
2022Ипикрат, «Остров рабов», реж. Ася Князева
2019Вася, «Таланты и поклонники», реж. Ольга Великанова
2017Gnekker, A Boring Story, directed by Vasily Skvortsov
2017The second unknown, Zoika's Apartment, directed by Olga Lukichyova
2017First resident, The Visit, directed by Oleg Dobrovolsky
2016Slava, designer, Love Machines, directed by Maria Chirkova
2015Cupid, Townsman, The Golden Ass. The Open-circuited Workspace, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015Alphonse, King of Portugal, Slave, Court Policeman, Elf, Groom, Star, The Constant Principle, directed by Boris Yukhananov
Roles in other theaters
2014One Day of Leopold Bloom, directed by Igor Yatsko, School of Dramatic Art
2013The Raven, directed by Roman Dolgushin, School of Dramatic Art
2013The Master and Margarita, directed by Igor Yatsko, School of Dramatic Art
2013The Constant Principle, directed by Boris Yukhananov, School of Dramatic Ar
2013The King, The Little Prince. The Art of Little Steps, directed by Igor Klimov, Bulgakov House Museum Theatr
2012Beneath Another Sky, directed by Alessio Bergamo, School of Dramatic Art
2012Reconstruction of Utopia: Moscow 1922, directed by Peter Aidu, School of Dramatic Art
2012The Little Prince, directed by Olesya Nevmerzhitskaya, Bulgakov House Museum Theatre
2011The Mystery of the Lost Snow, directed by Alexander Ogaryov, School of Dramatic Art
2011The Book of Grace, directed by Robyn Quick, Kazantsev-Roshchin Playwright and Director Cente
2011Country Trilogy, directed by Alessio Bergamo, Theater Project in the Year of Russia - Italy
2011Don't Be Surprised When They Come to Set Fire to Your House, directed by Roman Dolgushin, The Golden Mask Festival
2008Night Gives Birth to Day, directed by Igor Yatsko, School of Dramatic Art
Roles in the cinema
2020Лысеющий, «Естественный отбор», реж. Кирилл Алехин
2019Скоморох, «Годунов», реж. Алексей Андрианов, Тимур Алпатов
2017Sergei Bondar, My Best Friend, directed by Elina Suni
2017Петюня, «Старушки в бегах», реж. Алексей Колмогоров
2014Mishanya, How to Cultivate a Millionaire, directed by Vasily Mishchenko
2012Notary, The Human Lure, directed by Guzel Kireeva
2011Redhead, Duels, directed by Stanislav Dovzhik, Alexander Sidorov and others
2010Pyotr Kirillov, The Invisible Men, directed by Yelena Nemoi, Artur Rumynsky
2010Denis, There Was Love, directed by Nikolai Kaptan
2010Director, The Irony of Love, directed by Alexander Chernyaev, Yerzhan Rustembekov
2009Pavlik, Gift of Fate, directed by Alexander Karpilovsky
2009Gang member, Ivan the Terrible, directed by Andrei Eshpai
2009Banana, The Wood Grouse 2, directed by Timur Alpatov, Yury Popovich and others
2008Maxim, Always Say Always 5, directed by Igor Muzhzhukhin
2008Dryunya, Cold Cases 2, directed by Alexander Kalugin
2007Pavel, Veronica Won't Come, directed by Elina Suni
20072nd prankster, Kulagin and Partners, directed by Alexander Grabar, Alexei Ilyukhin and other
2007Vovan, Kings of the Game, directed by Vano Burduli, Alexei Rudakov and other
2007Stepan Kovriga, Stronger than Fire, directed by Vitaly Vorobyov and Yevgeny Zvezdakov
2006Hooligan, You Will not Leave Me, directed by Alla Surikova
2003Andrei Taranets, The Mystery of the Wolf's Mouth, directed by Alla Surikova