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Photo by Andrey Bezukladnikov

The Golden Ass
Segment “Shaggy”

Director: Boris Yukhananov
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Duration: 4 hours with two intermissions

The premiere took place in 3 May 2016.


The stream will be available till May 2, 7 p.m.

Psyche travels the world in search of her beloved Cupid, who abandoned her so as to punish her for violating an oath she swore. Contrary to the instructions of her invisible spouse, and in disobeyance of her sisters, she comes to believe that Cupid is a monster, and she resolves to cut off his head with a razor. But her impudent lamp illuminates the secrets of the conjugal bed, and Psyche sees Cupid, the god of love, peacefully resting on their bed...

Cupid himself now appears and tells the same story, though in a completely different way. "Two principles ran up against each other. The epic and the dramatic. Now you will see how one enters the other," reflects Isis-Cicero, an adept of the powerful goddess Isis. Next comes Birren - the milk sister of the mother of the novel's protagonist Lucius. She introduces her dear nephew to the magical city and invites him into her beautiful Atrium...

In a quiet forest clearing, three Greek goddesses – Venus, Juno and Ceres – enjoy a picnic. "Find me that Psyche who escaped," Venus begs, pouring divine nectar into glasses. Psyche, meanwhile, wanders around the world, gaining experience and jotting down various stories in her notebook: one about an inhuman woman who was condemned to be torn to pieces by wild beasts; another about the good tavern-keeper Meroe, a witch, whose tricks are truly frightful; still another about Socrates and Aristomenus becoming victims of evil and cruel sorcery; and another yet about Charites, who exacted revenge for the death of her husband Lepolemus. Psyche wanders between worlds in search of her way, and, like Lucius, overcomes her trials in the guise of an ass. A caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the dark forest into a temple. But the ass still hesitates to go inside, while Psyche continues to search for her husband...


And also

Геракл: Валерий Ковалёв

Орфик «человек, уходящий из зала»: Альберто Аль Космико
Орфик «зритель в первом ряду с бутылочкой воды»: Сергей Животов

Папарацци: Рая Дощанова, Екатерина Любимова

Кабатчица Мероя: Екатерина Любимова
Сестра Мероя: Варвара Обидор

Гусеницы: Анастасия Казанцева

Харита: Татьяна Парамонова, Алёна Пожидаева
Венера: Екатерина Любимова
Хор-Бабочка: Александра Евдокунина
Тени: Александра Евдокунина
Докучный хор: Александра Евдокунина