Tatyana Maist


After graduating from the Gnesin Musical College in 1978, Tatyana Maist joined the troup of the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. One of her first jobs was to take over the complex title role in Boris Lvov-Anokhin's famous production of that play. She gained fame playing the title role in Anatoly Vasilyev's legendary production of A Young Man's Grown-Up Daughter. During her tenure at the theater, Maist has played the roles of Kira in An Expromptu Fantasy, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov, Militsa in A Melody for a Peacock, directed by Vladimir Portnov, Alina in The Threshold, directed by Vladimir Portnov, Sofya in The Boarders, directed by Vladimir Portnov, and others.

Maist was a member of the creative team on productions of Apples of the Earth and Beautiful Women. VERBATIM at Teatr.doc.In 2007 she played the lead male role in Viktor Alfyorov's Marmelade at Praktika Theatre. She performed in Vladimir Pankov's much talked-about production of Passageway at the Playwright and Director Center. From among her roles in film, Maist singles out: Iron Curtain (directed by Savva Kulish), Smooth Sailing (directed by Boris Khlebnikov), Rusalka (directed by Anna Milikyan), Doc-tor (directed by Vladimir Pankov), and Pelmeny (directed by Gennady Ostrovsky).

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2019Джанк-паяц, «Пиноккио», реж. Борис Юхананов
2017Мамаева, «На мудреца», реж. Георгий Грищенков
2016Церера, «Золотой осел», реж. Борис Юхананов
2016Надежда, «Бунин», реж. Светлана Прохорова
2016Г-жа Пернель, «Тартюф», реж. Филипп Григорьян
2016«Психоз», реж. Александр Зельдович
2015Soul of Light, The Blue Bird, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015Human Use of Human Beings, directed by Romeo Castellucci
2015First Messengers, The Bacchae, directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos
Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2013Village Residents, Fools, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Mademoiselle de la Trengle, The Last Night of Don Juan, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2011Stanislavsky's Mother, I Don't Believe, directed by Marat Gatsalov
2009Angel, I Came, directed by Alexander Galibin
2003Old Woman, Seven from the Village of Bryukho, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
2001Portress, Last Will and Testament Italian-Style, directed by Semyon Spivak
1998Victim, Khlestakov, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
1994Kaleria, Summer Folk, directed by Vitaly Lanskoi
1987Vyazemskaya, The Heart of a Dog, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1985Sofya, The Boarders, directed by Vladimir Portnov
1982Alina, The Threshold, directed by Vladimir Portnov
1981Kira, Expromptu Fantasy, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1980Sesil, Robin Hood, directed by Yekaterina Yelanskaya (replacement actress)
1979Militsa, Melody for a Peacock, directed by Rimas Tuminas
1979Ella, A Young-Man's Grown-Up Daughter, directed by Anatoly Vasilyev
1979Circus Girl, Shoo, Boney, Shoo!, directed by Boris Morozov
1978Servant, Love and Intrigue, directed by Yury Khmelnitsky (replacement actress)
Roles in other theaters
2007Marmelade, directed by Viktor Alfyorov, Praktika Theatre
2006Passageway, directed by Vladimir Pankov, Playwright and Director Center
2005Beautiful Women. VERBATIM, directed by Olga Lysak, Teatr.doc
2004Apples of the Earth, directed by Aglaya Romanovskaya, Teatr.doc
Roles in the cinema
2018Мать Геры, «Год культуры», реж. Т. Калатозишвили
2014Radio Personality, A Film about Alexeev, directed by Mikhail Segal
2013Irina Alexandrovna, The President Hotel, directed by Ilya Khotinenko
2013Mama, Pelmeny, directed by Gennady Ostrovsky
2012The Man's Wife, Doc-tor, directed by Vladimir Pankov
2012Tatyana Pavlovna, By My Eyes, directed by Zaur Bolotaev
2007Rusalka, directed by Anna Melikyan
2006Free Sailing, directed by Boris Khlebnikov
1994Iron Curtain, directed by Савва Кулиш