Maria Belyaeva


Graduated from the acting department of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (RATI-GITIS) (workshop of Vladimir Andreev) in 2012. She studied at the Moscow School of New Cinema in the Anatoly Vasilyev Laboratory. In 2010 and 2011 she collaborated with the Yermolova Theatre, and in 2011 she played the role of the Girl in We're All Good at the Meyerhold Center (director E.Roman). She collaborated with the Bulgakov House museum theatre, Sergei Artsibashev's Theatre on Pokrovka, where during the season of 2013/2014 she played numerous roles in Nikolai Gogol's The Marriage, Shakespeare's Hamlet, and Moliere's Tartuffe. She also has worked at Anton Adasinsky's famed Derevo theatre, where she performed in Wandering Time (directed by L. Kopin).

In 2016 she edited the first version of the short film Between Us, filmed to her own script. The film was presented at the Amur Autumn, Autumn, and Saint Anna festivals.

She has been a member of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre since 2015.

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2021Елена, «Сон в летнюю ночь», реж. Алессио Нардин
2021Росаура, «Жизнь есть сон», реж. Наталья Менендес
2020Эфрозина, «Остров рабов», реж. Ася Князева
2019«Пиноккио. Лес», «Пиноккио. Театр», реж. Борис Юхананов
2017Jumbel in Jumb Lee Ya, directed by Pavel Kravets
2016Adela in The House of Bernarda Alba, directed by Alisa Seletskaya
2016Inhuman Woman, Proserpine, Old Woman, The Golden Ass. The Open-circuited Workspace, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2016Mariana, Tartuffe, directed by Philip Grigoryan
2015She, Elf, Girl in The Constant Principle directed by Boris Yukhananov
Roles in the cinema
2021Пиноккио, «Безумный Ангел Пиноккио», реж. Б. Юхананов
2020Дворовая девушка, «Дочь тьмы» реж. Ростислав Мусаев
2019Лена, «Короче», реж. Илья Фарфель
2016Подруга Вани, «Я умею вязать», реж. Надежда Степанова
2015Journalist, The End of a Beautiful Age directed by Stanislav Govorukhin
2015Parker, Nevsky directed by Andrei Korshunov, Alexei Pavlov and others.
2015Master of Manicure, Treason directed by Vadim Perelman
2015Dasha, Web 8 directed by Mikhail Galin
2015Svetlana, Argentina directed by Sergei Krutin
2015Girl, Between Us directed by Maria Belyaeva
2015Коуч Светлана, «Снова» , реж. Л.Резник
2015Serafima, The Miracle Worker directed by Igor Kholodkov
2014Dill's Girlfriend, The Party directed by Yury Kuzmenko
2014Candy Girl, I Know How to Knit directed by Nadezhda Stepanova
2013Martian, Return to Mars directed by Kornei Ratiev
2010Girl, Short Course for a Happy Life directed by Valeria Gai Germanica