Talents and Admirers

After the play by Alexander Ostrovsky
Directed by Olga Velikanova
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Duration: 2 hour, 15 minutes

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23 May,  Thursday
24 May,  Friday

The premiere took place in 27 March 2019.

One of Alexander Ostrovsky's late plays, the comedy Talents and Admirers was written in 1881 and is dedicated to the theatre – its charm, vulgarity and everyday dramas. The story of the actress Negina, who chooses her love for the stage over the love of a sophisticate, is crucial for Ostrovsky. Russia's number one playwright was immersed in the business of theatre his entire adult life. For him theatre was not entertainment, and so in Talents and Admirers a real war is waged for people's souls. In choosing the wealthy landowner Velikatov for her companion, Negina was not mistaken: she remained faithful to her own talent.

Olga Velikanova's production is, in many respects, a tribute to old-time theatre and the people who are loyal to it, for whom nobility remains a vital necessity. Designers Sergei Ryabov and Vera Akhmedzhanova turned the stage into a continuation of the auditorium, and actors from different generations perform in the play, uniting them with a love of their profession. We witness people playing at theatre, singing old romances and wearing beautiful costumes, but everything in it is real: life, tears, and the sobering finale.

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