Olga Velikanova


Olga Velikanova graduated from GITIS (now RATI) in the famous Maria Knebel course in 1972. She has worked in the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre since 1973. In tandem with playwright Galina Sokolova she staged the famed children's productions of The Princess Frog and The Black Hen, which ran in repertory for over 20 years. As second director she worked on such productions as Two Gentlemen of Verona, A Housewarming in an Old House, The Heart of a Dog and many others. For many years, she stage managed performances in the ongoing repertoire, including updates and the introduction of new cast members. As an actress, she played Glafira in Alexander Ostrovsky's Wolves and Sheep (directed by Leonid Varpakhovsky), and Elite in Shoo, Bony, Shoo by Saulius Šaltenis (directed by Boris Morozov). She has collaborated with the Leonid Varpakhovsky Theatre in Canada (playing Anfus in Wolves and Sheep, 2001). Velikanova has staged more than 15 productions in various Russian theaters, and has organized numerous theatricalized public performances dedicated to significant days in the history of Russia.

She has recorded sound tracks for approximately 30 foreign films, and is the voice behind a large number of radio programs. As a teacher she is particularly active in working with children. She has taught acting at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and at the Russian Institute of Cinema. She supervises the Dinaoda children's theatre studio for children with phyiscal challenges.

She has won numerous awards and prizes. 

Works in the Electrotheater Stanislavsky
2019Talents and Admirers, director
Works in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
1992Director, The Black Hen by Galina Sokolova
19902nd director, The Oginski Polonaise by Nikolai Kolyada, directed by Leonid Kheifits
19862nd director, A Housewarming in an Old House by Alexander Kravtsov, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1985Director, Get Up, Beautiful, Wake Up! by Galina Sokolova
1984Director, The Princess Frog by Galina Sokolova
19802nd director, Wolves and Sheep by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Leonid Varpakhovsky
19802nd director, Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare, directed by Yury Mochalov
1974Director, A Rainbow in Winter by Mikhail Roshchin
19742nd director, The Living Corpse by Leo Tolstoy, directed by Vladimir Kuzenkov
Works in other theaters
2005Masculine, Singular, Jean-Jacques Briquet, Dostoevsky Drama Theatre, Novgorod
2005Starry Ticket (New Year's show), Ice Palace, Troitsk
2004New Years Journeys (New Year's show), Moscow Mayor's office
2004Journeys among Countries (New Year's show), Moscow Mayor's office
2002Starry Ticket (New Year's show), Ice Moscow Mayor's office
1996About Ivan the Fool by Mikhail Bartenev, Young Spectator Theatre, Oryol
1995Chicken by Nikolai Kolyada, Film Actor Theatre, Moscow
1995The Princess Frog by Galina Sokolova, Young Spectator Theatre, Tula
1995The Princess Frog by Galina Sokolova, Kachalov Drama Theater, Kazan
1994Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward, Drama Theater, Dzerzhinsk
1993Nocturnal Fun by Viktor Merezhko, Drama Theater, Cherkasy
1993Late Supper by Vitaly Pavlov, Drama Theater, Cherkasy
1991The Princess Frog by Galina Sokolova, Drama Theater named after. A. Griboyedov, Tbilisi
1988A Happy Event by Slawomir Mrozek, Chamber Drama Theater, Smolensk
1988The Last of the Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon, Achinsk Drama Theater
1987The Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov, Grodno Regional Drama Theater
1983The Adventurer by Emil Braginsky, Achinsky Drama Theater
1981Where is your brother Abel? Yuliu Edlis, Achinsk Drama Theater
1980Phenomena by Grigory Gorin, Achinsk Drama Theater
1976A Rainbow in Winter by Mikhail Roshchin, Smolensk Drama Theater
1975Sun Stroke by Alexei Yakovlev, Omsk Youth Theater
1972Five Minutes Left by Genrikh Ryabkin, Kachalov Drama Theater, Kazan