Photo by Andrey Bezukladnikov

Episode V. Vladimir Rannev

An opera series over five evenings with music by six composers
Director: Boris Yukhananov
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Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

The premiere took place in 6 July 2015.

Drillalians. Episode I
Drillalians. Episode II
Drillalians. Episode III
Drillalians. Episode IV

English translation of the libretto John Freedman

Drillalia is assimilated into our reality. Drillalians are semi-underground immigrants. The Last Drillaliet, who becomes a shapeshifter, attempts to remember his own self. Overcoming catastrophe, undergoing metamorphosis, and shrouded in the chaotic mood of the city on water, he finds himself together with the Drillalian Prince in modern-day spectral Venice.

The opera tells about the birth, initiation and adventures of a Drillalian Prince. According to the laws of Drillalia, this all occurs simultaneously in the future, the present and the past – time frames and events intertwine whimsically in the young man’s maturing consciousness.

The performance is accompanied by English-language supertitles.

Drillalians in cinemas

The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre's production of Drillalians begins showing in cinemas worldwide in high-quality video in April 2018. The screenings are the work of the Stage Russia HD project. Stage Russia will show the first two parts of the six-part opera series (music by Dmitri Kourliandski and Boris Filanovsky) as a single film in various cities throughout the United States, Britain and Ireland. The list of cinemas where Drillalians I and II will be shown is constantly updated on the project website. For more information, visit here

This is a fully-rounded auteur product, where everything from the conception to the final incarnation is the total self-expression of Boris Yukhananov. It seems to me that the effect achieved by the performance is quite critical. It has a cleansing effect - the ground is cleared for new discursive commentary. - Yevgeny Mitta, director
It is important for Yukhananov to show how feelings and thoughts arise in the "common, modern individual," he shows the logic and the extent of the thought process, which consists of numerous, sometimes contradictory elements. - Dmitry Bavilsky, October journal


And also

Незримый хор: ансамбль QUESTA MUSICA, художественный руководитель Мария Грилихес

Первое сопрано
Людмила Ерюткина/Татьяна Кокорева
Второе сопрано
Мария Грилихес/Анна Шавердьян
Первый альт
Екатерина Коломина/Мариам Аветисян
Второй альт
Анастасия Полянина/Наталья Романова
Первый тенор
Александр Феодулов/Никита Михайлов
Второй тенор
Евгений Сапелов/Владимир Старцев
Первый бас
Николай Басов/Владимир Красов
Второй бас
Дмитрий Волков/Василий Коростелёв

Оркестр: Московский Ансамбль Современной Музыки, директор Виктория Коршунова
Иван Бушуев/Александра Елина, флейта;
Олег Кравцов/Антон Терехов, кларнет;
Илья Феропонтов/Виктор Васин/Николай Каменев, труба;
Андриан Принцев/Михаил Оленев, тромбон;
Михаил Дубов/Мария Садурдинова, фортепиано;
Сергей Чирков/Мария Власова/Александр Селиванов, баян;
Андрей Винницкий/Дмитрий Щелкин, ударные;
Александр Суворов/Яков Карасев/Андрей Никитин, ударные;
Елизавета Кошкина/Екатерина Назарова/Дарья Дверник; скрипка;
Эмиль Саларидзе/Регина Костанди, альт;
Илья Рубинштейн/Анна Щеголева, виолончель;
Игорь Солохин/Сергей Карачун/Антон Изгагин, контрабас


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