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Maniozis 1+2

Opera Director and composer: Alexander Belousov
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Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

Maniozis is a musical and philosophical reflection based on an updating of Spinoza’s ideas about the necessary and voluntary union of people on the basis of reason and common good. The work’s title imperfectly combines the words “mania” and “gnosis” – “mania” and “knowledge.”

Musically speaking, Alexander Belousov's chamber opera is a sound installation, elements, including melodies and noises, that are difficult to organize in space. At the same time, it tells a clear-cut story about a Protagonist-maniac who escapes the control of the Author, while his mania changes form from murder to murder.

“Naturally, such a hermetic, intellectual, fragile and very tender piece could appear in Moscow today only in that ark called the Electrotheatre.”

Comments by composer Vladimir Rannev on Alexander Belousov’s opera: "This is a fantastically arranged world of sounds, words, gestures, light, and scenic objects. Music here is not merely music, but rather a fully organized compound of theatrical fabric - everything is subordinated to the composer’s game of playing with event-impulses that are positioned precisely at the right time and place. Because of this, the bilingual text (German and Russian) acquires a semantic layering: some things are perceived as revelations, some as sarcasm, still others as indistinguishable "noises of the tongue." For all this production’s brightness, color and numerous events - occasionally even filled with unabashed trash - the composer tries on for size not only the role of the creator, but also the observer of what he created, and is able to create a strong sense of meditative detachment."
Опера Александра Белоусова, одновременно композитора и режиссера, поставленная им самим в электротеатре «Станиславский», – удачный пример соединения ресурсов музыкального и драматического театра. («Ведомости», 29 декабря 2016 года)
«Такая герметичная, интеллектуальная, хрупкая и очень нежная вещь могла появиться в сегодняшней Москве, конечно, только в ковчеге Электротеатра».

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