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Театральное фойе и бар будут закрыты для посещения с 18 по 23 июня на монтаж и показы спектакля «Человеческое использование человеческих существ» Ромео Кастеллуччи.

Со второй половины дня 23 июня фойе возобновит работу обычном режиме.


Фото: Олимпия Орлова

The Cricket

Based on the tales of Toon Tellegen, as translated by Irina Leik
Directed by Marfa Gorvits
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Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission

Nearest performances

17 July,  Wednesday
18 July,  Thursday
19 September,  Thursday
20 September,  Friday

The premiere took place in 3 March 2021.

The world has changed, and with it mankind has too. Infinite possibilities have weakened our immunity, and now every other urban inhabitant needs a doctor or drugs to help them live. Dutch writer Toon Tellegen composes modern absurdist tales, in which there are no people, but there are forest dwellers who have nothing to rely on as humans do. Director Marfa Gorvits, with playwright Mikhail Chevega, designer Maria Tregubova and a team of artists from the Electrotheatre, peered into the face that our world offers up today. In it one finds an abyss of amazing and absurd things that are harmful to the health. Theatre, of course, cannot cure, but it can encourage a person who is running without end to stop and think sober thoughts.

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