Lera Gorin


Gorin graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts (the Gennady Trostyanetsky studio) in 2003, and in the same year joined the company of the Stanislavsky Drama Theater. During his years at the theater, he has played Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Vladimir Mirzoyev, Bobchinsky in Khlestakov, directed by Mirzoyev, Alfredo Traps in The Accident, directed by Alexander Galibin), and other roles.

He has worked in other Moscow theatres, including: the Vakhtangov Theatre, Gogol-Center, The Other Theater and the Teatrium on Serpukhovka. He has cultivated an active career in film, working with such famed directors as Nikita Mikhalkov, Kirill Serebrennikov, Vladimir Mirzoyev and others.

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2021Жук, «Сверчок», реж. Марфа Горвиц
2019Зритель, «Пиноккио. Театр», реж. Борис Юхананов
2018The Magic Mountain, directed by Konstantin Bogomolov
2016Genefeld, Before Sunset, directed by Vladimir Kosmachevsky
2016Tartuffe, Tartuffe, directed by Philip Grigoryan
2015Венера, «Золотой осел. Разомкнутое пространство работы», реж. Борис Юхананов
2015Sugar, Delight of Sweets, Monk, Trigorin, The Blue Bird, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015Cheche, Anna in the Tropics, directed by Alexander Ogaryov
Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2012Dachshund, The Dogs, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Lagrange, Moliere (A Cabal of Hypocrites), directed by Valery Belyakovich
2011Malcolm, Six Characters in Search of an Author, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2011Georges Miloslavsky, Ivan Vasilievich..., directed by Alexander Gorban
2010Мерчендайзер, «Семь дней до потопа», реж. Владимир Петров
2009Бузирис, «Троянской войны не будет», реж. Александр Галибин
2009Harlequin, Women's Gossip, directed by Alexander Galibin
2008Alfredo Traps, The Accident, directed by Alexander Galibin
2007Мусорщик, «Куба – любовь моя», реж. Татьяна Ахрамкова
2006Liver, Yevgraf the Adventurer, directed by Tatyana Akhramkova
2004Demetrius, A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
2003Manya Gorelaya, Seven Saints from the Village of Bryukho, directed by Vladimir Mirzoyev
1998Bobchinsky, Khlestakov, directed by Vladimir Mirzoyev (replacement)
1991Meluzov, Talents and Admirers, directed by Vitaly Lanskoi (replacement)
Roles in other theaters
2021Мама Глумова, «На всякого мудреца», реж. Константин Богомолов, Театр Наций
2019«Теллурия», реж. К. Богомолов, Театр на Таганке
2018миманс, «Триумф времени и бесчувствия», реж. К. Богомолов, Музыкальный театр им. К.С. Станиславского и В.И. Немировича-Данченко
2013Fedulov, Fear, directed by Vladislav Nastavshev, Gogol-Center
2010Kazakov, Duck Hunting, directed by Pavel Safonov, The Other Theater
2009Claudius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, directed by Pavel Safonov, The Other Theater
2006Henry, The Dragon, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev, Theatrium at Serpukhovka
2005Pierrot, Don Juan and Sganarelle, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev, Vakhtangov Theatre
2001Le Bret, Cyrano de Bergerac, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev, Vakhtangov Theatre
Roles in the cinema
2023Семен, «Балет», реж. Евгений Сангаджиев
2021Сталин, «Мария. Спасти Москву», реж. Вера Сторожева
2018«Несокрушимый», реж. Константин Максимов
2015Vlasik.Shadow of Stalin, directed by Alexei Muradov
2014Abolition of All Restrictions, directed by Stanislav Nazirov
2014Rex, Battle March: Hunting for the Hunter, directed by Vladimir Kilburg and Vladimir Yankovsky
2013Policeman, Kitchen, directed by Dmitry Dyachenko, Zhora Kryzhovnikov, and others
2013Yershov, The Department, directed by Mikhail Zhernevsky, Armen Arutyunan-Yeletsky, and others
2013Filin, Taxi-3, directed by Mikhail Wasserbaum
2012Viktor, My Only Sin, directed by Karine Foliyants
2012Expert, Treason, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov
2011Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel, directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
2011Oleg, Rules of the Masquerade, directed by Alexander Muratov
2011Seller of Perfume, My Boyfriend is an Angel, directed by Vera Storozheva
2010The Buddy, The Construction Detachment, directed by Igor Golovanov and Karen Zakharov
2010Sanya, Hooked!, Directed by Natalya Uglitsky
2010Vasily, Cops' War 5, directed by Yegor Abrosimov
2009Zhenya, The Man Who Knew Everything, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
2009Ivanov, The Seven Wives of a Bachelor, directed by Alexander Karpilovsky