Jumb… Lee… Ya

Children’s performance.  Author Edward Lear
Directed by Pavel KravetsWatch the trailer
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Duration: 45 minutes

The premiere took place in 30 March 2017.

Would you like to fly on a sea-bound sieve with sails made of pea-green veils? To sail on the back of a huge, live, turtle to Oyster Island and dance all night long with green-headed Jumblies (to the sounds of a silver trumpet)? And to fall asleep in a crockery jar and find yourself on the very edge of the Torrible Zone or the Chankly Bore (or some other unknown mountains and forests)? We welcome you to the land of Jumb...Lee... Ya!

This performance by a group of actors and musicians of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre pays homage to the British poet Edward Lear, who founded the notion of nonsense poetry and deeply influenced Lewis Carroll, Daniil Kharms and the French surrealists. With a real automobile, live music (including reggae), and two actors bringing Lear’s unusual characters to life, Jumb... Lee... Ya offers children and adults the opportunity to hear the beauty of nonsense poetry, as gorgeous in Russian as in English.


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Designed by Yekaterina Ryakhovskaya

Performers: Vitaly Labutin, Yulia Miroshnikova.

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