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We are cancelling nothing. Throughout the period from October 28 to November 7 we will perform, screen films, and host all concerts as planned.

However, beginning on October 28, spectators will be admitted to performances and events at the Electrotheatre only by presenting a QR code and an ID. The QR code may be presented as a printout or on a smartphone screen.

For those who have not managed to receive a QR code, we will have a free express testing point.
If you wish not to visit the theatre between October 28 and November 7, then, until November 1, you may receive a refund of the full cost of any tickets you purchased in advance. For more information, call us at +7 (495) 699-72-24, or by writing to

Photo by Andrey Bezukladnikov

Orphic Games. Punk-macrame
Evening Sixth

The open-circuited space of myth
Director: Boris YukhananovWatch the trailer
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5 December,  Sunday

The premiere took place on 20 May 2018.

Orphic Games. Punk-Macrame is a new-processual project of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, a single work in 33 acts, presented in 12 productions as if in the space of 12 rooms, the walls of which are decorated with 33 frescos.

The space of the Orphic myth is revealed to you over the course of six days and evenings.

A single stream of 12 productions:

Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Day 1
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Evening 1
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Day 2
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Evening 2
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Day 3
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Evening 3
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Day 4
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Evening 4
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Day 5
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Evening 5
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame.Day 6
Orphic Games. Punk-macrame. Evening 6


Director-authors of initial works: Anna Buvina, Maria Dorogova, Ada Karina, Vyacheslav Kornichenko, Alina Kotova, Pavel Kravets, Georgy Mansurov

Performers: Anna Buvina, Maria Dorogova, Vyacheslav Kornichenko, Pavel Kravets, Georgy Mansurov, Vagan Saroyan, Svetlana Sataeva, Khachatur Khachaturyan


Jean Cocteau
Translated by Leonid Tsyvyan


Soundscapes: Vladimir Gorlinsky
Sound Interiors: Kirill Shirokov

Performed by Fleshquartet, 1995

“Thirty Pages”
Music by Kirill Shirokov
Performed by Rossia, the Lyudmila Zykina Russian Folk Ensemble

Music by Vladimir Gorlinsky
Performed by Rossia, the Lyudmila Zykina Russian Folk Ensemble

Music by Georgy Mansurov
Written by Svetlana Sataeva
Performed by and Svetlana Sataeva
Musician: Georgy Mansurov

Video Content

“The Beauty and the Beast”
Director: Ada Karina


Director-authors of initial works: Yevgenia Vesnina, Darya Gusakova, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Vyacheslav Kornichenko, Ksenia Mishina, Alexandra Moroz, Yevgenia Selivanova

Performers: Aneta Argandevols, Nikolai Berman, Dmitry Borisov, Nika Vashakidze, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Alexandra Ioshchenko, Vyacheslav Kornichenko, Alina Kotova, Alexei Kokhanov, Yekaterina Loginova, Ulyana Lukina, Igor Makarov, Alexandra Moroz, Kristina Rabotenko, Vera Romanova, Vagan Saroyan, Anton Savvatimov, Anna Chernovich, Yekaterina Shevchenko


Jean Anouilh
Translated by Yelena Babun

Soundscapes: Vladimir Gorlinsky
Sound Interiors: Kirill Shirokov

“Song of Orpheus”
Music by Vladimir Gorlinsky
Performed by Alexei Kokhanov

“Score for Typewriters”
Music by Kirill Shirokov
Performed by Lyudmila Zaitseva, Yekaterina Loginova, Alexandra Ioshchenko, Anna Chernovich, Aneta Argandevols

“Lofti ver ur skyndilega kalt”
Performed by Olafur Arnalds
“Paint It Black”
Performed by The Rolling Stones


Director-authors of initial works: Darya Koltsova, Yekaterina Loginova, Maria Plotnikova

Performers: Aruan Anartaev, Darya Gusakova, Yevgeny Dal, Alesya Ignatova, Mikhail Kudinov, Polina Kuzmina, Viktoria Lebed, Yekaterina Loginova, Maria Plotnikova, Alexei Eidlin


Jean Anouilh
Translated by Yelena Babun

Guitar Improvisation
Performed by Alexei Eidlin

Performed by Kelsey Lu

Video Content

“So Difficult”
Director: Darya Koltsova


Director-author of initial work: Yulia Savchenko

Performers: Ksenia Bakhtina, Nikolai Berman, Maria Beatty, Yury Vasilyev, Nika Vashakidze, Alexandra Verkhoshanskaya, Yevgenia Vesnina, Yevgeny Dal, Kaleria Dyomina, Yelena Dolgaya, Sergei Zhivotov, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Alesya Ignatova, Darya Koltsova, Alina Kotova, Viktoria Lebed, Yekaterina Loginova, Sergei Malinin, Alexandra Moroz, Yelena Muchnaya, Anton Oshchepkov, Viktoria Petrenko, Maria Plotnikova, Denis Prutov, Vera Romanova, Maria Rukhadze, Yevgenia Selivanova, Tatyana Simonenkova, Anna Sokolenko, Maria Fomina, Anna Khlyostkina, Dmitry Khramtsov, Maria Cherkashina, Anna Chernovich, Alexei Eidlin


Jean Cocteau
Translated by Yury Tsivyan

Ninety Years Later
Joseph Brodsky
Translated by Alexander Sumerkin
Edited by Viktor Golyshev
From On Grief and Reason

“Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes”
Rainer Maria Rilke
Translated by Konstantin Bogatyryov


Music by Fyodor Sofronov
Choirmaster, conductor: Dmitry Matvienko
Narrative Chorus: Nikolai Berman, Maria Beatty, Yevgenia Vesnina, Yevgeny Dal, Sergei Zhivotov, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Alesya Ignatova, Yekaterina Loginova, Viktoria Petrenko, Denis Prutov, Tatyana Simonenkova, Anna Sokolenko, Maria Fomina
Singing Chorus:Ksenia Bakhtina, Alexandra Verkhoshanskaya, Kaleria Dyomina, Yelena Dolgaya, Darya Koltsova, Alina Kotova, Viktoria Lebed, Alexandra Moroz, Yelena Muchnaya, Yevgenia Selivanova, Anna Khlyostkina, Anna Chernovich
Soloist: Sergei Malinin
Musicians: Vera Romanova, Alexei Eidlin, Dmitry Khramtsov, Darya Zvezdina, Maria Tkachyova

“The Railway”
Score for Electronic Instrument
Music by Vladimir Gorlinsky
Performed by Maria Beatty, Daria Koltsova, Viktoria Lebed, Alexandra Moroz, Yelena Muchnaya, Anna Sokolenko, Anna Khlyostkina
Conducted by Anton Oshchepkov


Isomorphism (from ancient Greek - ἴσος - "equal, identical, similar" and μορφή - "form"). Isomorphism is defined for sets endowed with some structure (for example, for groups, rings, linear spaces, etc.). In general terms it may be described as follows: an invertible mapping (bijection) between two sets endowed with a structure that is called an isomorphism if it preserves this structure.

A bijection is a mapping that is both surjective and injective. In bijective mapping, one element of a set corresponds exactly to each element of the other set, while an inverse mapping is defined that has the same property. Therefore, a bijective mapping is also called mutually identical mapping (correspondence), or one-to-one mapping.

The function
f : : X → → Y is called a bijection if:
1) It translates various elements of the set X into different elements of the set Y (injectivity). In other words,
• ∀ ∀ x 1
∈ ∈ X , 
∀ ∀ x 2
∈ ∈ X 
x 1
≠ ≠ x 2
⇒ ⇒ f ( x 1
) ≠ ≠ f ( x 2
2) Any element of Y has its inverse image (surjectivity). In other words,
∀ ∀ y ∈ ∈ Y , 
∃ ∃ x ∈ ∈ X 
f ( x ) = y

An injection in mathematics is the mapping of set X into set Y f : : X → → Y
whereby different elements of set X are translated into different elements of set Y, that is, if two images under the mapping coincide, then the preimages also coincide:
f ( x ) = f ( y ) ⇒ ⇒ x = y

Surjection (surjective mapping, from French sur - "to", "over" + Latin jactio - "I throw") is the mapping of set X to set Y f:: X → Y
whereby each element of set Y is the image of at least one element of set X.

Isorhythm (German: Isorhythmie) is a technique of composition in European polyphonic music of the 14th and 15th centuries, expressed in the ostinato holding of a rhythmic formula, regardless of the pitch.



Robert Akopyan, Alexei Alexeev, Alberto Al Cosmico, Aruan Anartaev, Andrei Anisimov, Aneta Argandevols, Yelena Artemenko, Pavel Arkhipov, Nataliya Afanasyeva, Ksenia Barinova, Kirill Begishev, Asya Belaya, Igor Beloshchevsky, Nikolai Berman, Maria Beatty, Artyom Bogucharsky, Dmitry Borisov, Alexandra Borovikova, Viktoria Bryzgalova, Anna Buvina, Nadezhda Bushueva, AJ Weissbard, Yury Vasilyev, Nika Vashakidze, Alexandra Verkhoshanskaya, Yevgenia Vesnina, Yevgeny Vikharev, Demyan Vodkin, Pavel Gatilov, Nikolai Golikov, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Azary Gorchakov, Georgy Grishchenkov, Darya Gusakova, Danaya Davydova, Yevgeny Dakot, Yevgeny Dal, Kaleria Dyomina, Yelena Dolgaya, Maria Dorogova, Yekaterina Dubakina, Alexandra Yelina, Pavel Yemelin, Sergei Zhivotov, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Ivan Zakharov, Arina Zvereva, Mikhail Zolot, Alesya Ignatova, Michel Ioffe, Alexandra Ioshchenko, Gulnara Iskakova, Yekaterina Kadysheva, Alla Kazakova, Ada Karina, Anton Kasimov, Mikhail Kerch, Anastasia Klyuchnikova, Anna Kovtun, Konstantin Kolesnik, Darya Koltsova, Yelena Koptyaeva, Vyacheslav Kornichenko, Alexandra Korolyova, Yury Kostin, Oksana Kostina, Alina Kotova, Alexei Kokhanov, Ivan Kochkaryov, Pavel Kravets, Alexei Kruglov, Mikhail Kudinov, Andrei Kuznetsov-Vecheslov, Polina Kuzmina, Dmitri Kourliandski, Lina Lagner, Viktoria Lebed, Andrei Levinson, Anzhela Lipskaya, Yekaterina Loginova, Ulyana Lukina, Igor Makarov, Oleg Makarov, Artemy Malakhov, Sergei Malinin, Yury Mansurov, Dmitry Matvienko, Pavel Melikov, Alexandra Moroz, Yelena Muchnaya, Volchy Mys, Alexei Naumov, Anastasia Nefyodova, Bruno Niver, Vera Nikolaeva, Alexander Novitsky, Varvara Obidor, Maria Orlova, Anton Oshchepkov, Anna Pankina, Viktoria Petrenko, Kristina Petrova, Maria Petrova, Maria Plotnikova, Denis Prutov, Kristina Rabotenko, Anastasia Rodionova, Vitaly Rozhdestvensky, Vera Romanova, Maria Rukhadze, Anton Savvatimov, Yulia Savchenko, Vladlena Sandu, Vagan Saroyan, Svetlana Sataeva, Ivan Svatkovsky, Alisa Sviridova, Yevgenia Selivanova, Andrei Sergeev, Tatyana Simonenkova, Yelena Smorodinova, Anna Sokolenko, Sergei Sokolov, Anastasia Sokolova, Fyodor Sofronov, Natella Speranskaya, Ulyana Stepanova, Kanako Suzuki, Ulyana Tabolich, Mikhail Taratin, Vitaly Terekhovsky, Artyom Tkach, Lyubov Tuinova, Leisan Faizullina, Mila Fakhurdinova, Maria Fomina, Yevgenia Furman, Alexandra Kharina, Khachatur Khachaturyan, Anna Khlyostkina, Dmitry Khramtsov, Darya Khutskaya, Maria Cherkashina, Anna Chernovich, Natalya Chyornaya, Vera Sharonova, Yekaterina Shevchenko, Lilit Sheina, Kirill Shirokov, Anastasia Shchyurova, Alexei Eidlin, Yulia Yudina, Boris Yukhananov


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