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Theodoros Terzopoulos

The Return of Dionysus

On the eve of the premiere of ‘The Bacchae’ at the Electrotheatre STANISLAVSKY, there was a presentation of a new book ‘The Return of Dionysus’ by Theodoros Terzopoulos about his methods of working with actors. An extract from the preface to the book ‘The Return of Dionysus’ Alla Demidova, actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1984):

'Psychic energy’, ‘concentration – relaxation’, ‘the power of the word – the power of gestures’, ‘mental images’ – all these terms are familiar in contemporary theatre, you hear them a lot in interviews with directors and actors. But what does it all mean exactly, and more importantly, how do you get there when you’re up on stage. Not many people know – or rather not many people can explain how to achieve it using technical exercises, using a ‘method’. Theodoros Terzopoulos is one of the few directors in contemporary world theatre who teaches master-classes on this topic, and in his own plays, he graphically uses this ‘psychological energy’ to influence the audience.

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Format: 178×240 мм
Pages: 168 стр.
Year: 2015
Age restriction: 18+

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