Boris Yukhananov

The Minor. A Diary and The Minor. A Photo Album by Boris Yukhananov

The book consists of the director’s extremely intimate diary, kept in 1999 as he worked on a production of The Minor at the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius.

Photos and DVD of ‘Young Oaf’, a production based on the play by Denis Fonvizin. It was staged by Yukhananov at the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius in 1999 in a joint production with artist Yury Kharikov.

The production was a unique experiment in reviving the play according to a book by Russian director, actor and theatre critic Yury Ozarovsky "Young Oaf" from the series "Plays in the Theatrical Repertoire and How to Stage Them".

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Format: 150х210
Pages: 208
Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-5-905981-04-3
Circulation: 500
Language: Russian
Age restriction: 12+

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