Boris Yukhananov

Instant Notes Of a Sentimental Soldier, or a Novel About a Righteous Young Man

The army diary of the director, written under the pseudonym Nikita Ilyin during the 1980s

Nikita was brought up on the works of Leo Tolstoy and Thomas Mann. He dreams of shooting a movie, but instead he is forced to endure the daily drill on the parade ground, nit-picking officers, mind-numbing political studies and physical and psychological abuse at the hands of older recruits. The story of his survival and personal loss also becomes one of self discovery.

Boris Yukhananov on this novel-diary

“I want people to read the story of Nikita Ilyin because I feel his notes tell of a very unusual existence. This is the story of a righteous young man hidden in a story of the soul. This is a story of discovery and the loss of sacred consciousness. I invite the reader to read these notes, not because they promise anything, but because I want them to carry out their own internal experiment by taking an active interest in other person’s life. They may find, strangely, that there is a lot to relate to and that Nikita’s story is in fact a reflection of themselves. There is something irresistibly magnetic in the fresh lines of a suicide diary. What can we call this? The power of art? The power of life? The power of human nature, revealed in a complete action, stunning in its simplicity and madness?”

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Format: 14,5х22 см
Pages: 534
Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-588353-661-7
Circulation: 1000
Editor: Bertelsmann
Binding: Hard
Language: Russiam
Type: Literary and art edition
Age restriction: 18+

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