Golem LaboraTORY. The Book of Reflection

The project ‘Golem LaboraTORY’ is a ‘new-processuality’ performance, in which the play is created during the course of the performance. The performance was first staged in 2007 in Vienna at the International Festival of Jewish Theatre ‘Tikun Olam’, when ‘LaboraTORY’ presented a composition of texts based on the Jewish holy book the ‘Tanakh’ and the play by G. Leivik ‘Golem’ (translated from Yiddish by V. Dymshits, I. Bulatovsky and V. Fedchenko).‘The Book of Reflection’ was published alongside the play, containing a complete collection of statements and reviews of ‘LaboraTORY Golem’ from 2007 to 2011, photographs from the play in the past two years showing both the audience and participants in ‘LaboraTORY’, as well a costumes for performance by artist Yuri Kharikov.

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Format: 60x90/8
Pages: 576
Year: 2009
Circulation: 500 экз.
Editor: 500
Language: Russian, English
Age restriction: 16+

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