Marco Mueller in collaboration with the Electrotheatre

15 April 2015

Former artistic director of the Rome Film Festival, Marco Mueller, has launched his idea for a new festival  'Beautiful Confusion' in Lugano, Switzerland. The main event of the festival will be the Electrotheatre production of the 'Blue Bird'.  

In an interview with the editor-and-chief of the portal ProfiCinema, Nina Romandanovsky, Mark Mueller spoke about this project: 

'Most festivals are geared to establishing a balanced view of many films and productions at once. We, however, want to emphasize the importance of one singular production, so that it won’t be overshadowed by any others. For instance, we are planning to stage the premiere of Boris Yukhananov’s production of 'The Blue Bird'. I believe that Yukhananov’s Electrotheatre Stanislavsky is a place where an audience can witness profound cinematic and theatrical art in action”.

Marco Mueller says that he been thinking of starting a festival in Switzerland for the last three years in Rome. Mueller has been a professor holding the Chair of Film Styles and Techniques at Mario Botta's Academy of Architecture (University of Italian Switzerland) for the past 12 years. His classes have focused mainly on production design. Mueller’s project was inspired by Fellini’s film 'Beautiful Chaos', having worked with Fellini in the final years leading up to his death.

Mark Mueller: “In my view, the concept of this project is geared to defining the chaos of the time in which we live. The only true way for art  to go is to interpret today’s disharmony by addressing the need to reform artistic form and narrative, and the only way to do that is to mix all the cards up and start again. So when it came to the programming of the Rome Film Festival, I stuffed it with projects ranging from German films to films that would in the future qualify for the Oscars. For instance, we brought the Hunger Games to the Gala-Premier, and were accosted by nine thousand fans. At the same time as showing extremely profound and serious films and a Bollywood musical, which in fact won the People’s Choice Award last year. We had a place for cinema at the intersection of visual art and theatre. In General, I have been thinking how to implement a project called 'Beautiful Confusion' (La Bella Confusione). In the name 'Confusion' lies a play on words. If you write 'con-fusion”, then you capture the essence of exactly what I want to achieve in Switzerland. We are going to present a number of events, which will reflect this contemporary chaotic merging of all the arts; film, theatre and visual art”.

'Beautiful Confusion' will be launched in January 2016 in the newly renovated premises of the Centre of Contemporary Culture and Art in Lugano.

For the full article please check ProfiCinema

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