Photographer: Olympia Orlova

Ronaldo Will Never Catch My Grandmother

A joint project of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre and Creative Association 9
Directed by Nikita Betekhtin
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Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

The premiere took place in 22 April 2022.

A team of young artists has created popular-science theatre for children, and they do it with feeling, because they love children, they do it with an awareness of the importance of their "mission," because modern science is cool and helps us live, and they do it with a free, creative spirit, because children's theatre requires a fresh look at the language of art.

This story written by young playwrights Sergei Davydov and Yegor Zaitsev (both participants of festivals and contemporary drama laboratories) depicts the journey of a boy named Denis into a strange world inhabited by physicist Albert Einstein and football great Ronaldo, a place where you can actually touch time. Denis has the task of writing an essay about the “boring” Einstein, and the creators of the performance must explain the world via real science (the project has a real science consultant from Krasnoyarsk), or via theatre in order to explain that science is never boring. To do this, interactive, multimedia attractions and special tasks were invented for actors who, like all of us, must master the parallel worlds of scientific knowledge.

The schoolboy from “Ronaldo,” who broke his grandmother's vase, finds a true love for the theory of relativity, while the audience experiences a deep curiosity for the natural laws that determine how we live.

Supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.


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