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Фото: Олимпия Орлова

It's Not All Shrovetide for the Cat

Director: Pavel Kravets
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Duration: 2 hours without intermission

Nearest performances

28 March,  Tuesday

The premiere took place in 9 January 2022.

It's Not All Shrovetide for the Cat, a production by Pavel Kravets is a new “academic” version of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky, written in 1871.

The makers of this production today are interested in whether one can approach Ostrovsky's text with today's energies and achieve a performance space where melodramatic plot meets myth.

“How do these two hypostases conflict with each other, and can they be at peace with each other? How do you hear a song amidst action? How do you hear a myth in a song? And is it worth doing this at all? Isn't it easier to live as your heart tells you?” — director Pavel Kravets.

The production features folk spiritual verses, and an electronic composition by Georgy Mansurov.

Choreographer: Maria Plotnikova
Vocal trainer: Vladimir Ivanov