A musical performance
Project author – Oleg Nesterov
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Duration: 1 час 20 минут, без антракта

The premiere took place in 1 October 2020.

A concert that becomes a performance.

November is a musical program based on poems by Russian poets of the last century. It symbolically embraceshuman life, from the transparency of childhood, through painful everyday experience, and on to the realization of the quantum nature of the world. “November is essentially nothing, just pure exhaustion. Where there is no autumn, but no winter yet. The year is over, the game is finished. November in a person's life is even sadder than December, close to the end, but the closeness is still vague and elusive, like the closeness of winter that has not yet come. A season out of time. There is no reason to say good things about November or remember it with kind words. It is an absolute extreme with a minus sign. On the other hand, any upward movement begins with this lifelessness. Then a new story can follow, a new circle. Our November is painted in bright colors, its fading is like a premonition of a new life, the sweetest is still ahead: a whole life that has not yet been lived, music that has not yet been played." – Oleg Nesterov.


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