Belaqua, or Turning Forty

A performance
Directors: Pavel Kravets and Georgy Mansurov
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Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes, no intermission

The production quotes segments of the ancient text, The Domostroi, the Code of Household Management
Directors: Pavel Kravets and Georgy Mansurov
Composer: Georgy Mansurov
Choreographer: Alexandra Rudik
Designer: Yekaterina Ryakhovskaya
Performers: Georgy Mansurov, Pavel Kravets, Alexandra Rudik
Production manager: Andrei Glazov 
Stage manager: Natalya Chyornaya

Belaqua, or Turning Forty is built around the story of two people who are bogged down in the frozen lava of passion and despair.

The performance is assembled from dance, dynamic installation, composer's music, and a fragment from The Domostroi.

How do you describe the wind if you have never seen trees? The characters of this performance are precisely those trees. Or they are a sail on a sailing ship – the viewer must come to their own understanding...
Georgy Mansurov