Love-powered Spaceships

Based on motifs drawn from Plato, Macrobius, and documentary monologues by participating performers
Director: Alberto Al Cosmico
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Created, directed and designed by Alberto Al Cosmico
Music: Inversia 
Costume designer: Lida Makarova 

Performers: Milena Azhiba, Alberto Al Cosmico, Alexandra Velesova, Nailya Garyaeva, Gita Javid, Daria Dontsova, Iya Isoti, Yekaterina Kaushan, Natalia Knyazkova, Yulia Kolesnik, Tatyana Kustova, Lolita Londanova, Lida Makarova, Tatyana Melnikova, Yekaterina Nikitina, Yekaterina Pavlova, Jade Silvestri, Eva Jaskevic

This production about the journey of the soul is based on Plato's idea of Anima mundi (the Soul of the World) and a text by the Neoplatonist Macrobius, which suggests that the soul descends to earth, acquiring its qualities on seven planets. When an individual soul passes through the heavenly spheres to inhabit an earthly body, says Macrobius, it acquires certain qualities: on Saturn – the ability to reason, on Jupiter – to act, on Mars – courage, and so on. The texts that the performers pronounce from the stage were birthed by themselves – actresses, performers, lawyers, teachers, students and office workers who agreed to participate in this performance simply because the director met them offline and online and told them about Plato and Macrobius.