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Inside Eva

Director: Viktoria Petrenko 
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Duration: 2 hours

Director: Viktoria Petrenko 
Script: Alina Zhurina 
Designers: Yelizaveta Buchilko, Arina Popova 
Sound: Nu Syumakina 
Performers: Ksenia Barinova, Anastasia Zhigunova / Marusya Cherkashina, Oleg Nevezhin / Alexei Alekseev, Nikita Stolyarov, Victoria Petrenko, Dmitry Khramtsov

What would The Seagull be like if Chekhov wrote it today? What is the story and what is it about today, in these times of “metamodernism, feminism and new democracy”? The plot is centered by Kostya, possibly Treplev, and Masha (nicknamed Eva), possibly Arkadina. Between them new relationships develop, as in a kaleidoscope, under new circumstances. Arguing on this topic, the creators of Inside Eva create a version in which the viewer is given the opportunity to choose their own perspective of the story.

The performance is played in two spaces at the same time: on the Chamber stage of the Electrotheatre and in the dressing room adjacent to it.