Some Things Need Not Be Named

With the support of STATION art residence (Kostroma), and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation
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Duration: 1 hour

Director: Victoria Petrenko 
Choreographer: Lina Langner 
Designer: Vera Akhmedzhanova
Composer: Kirill Shirokov
Voice of the author: Denis Panfilov
Performer: Olga Nazarova 

Who looks after you when you play before others? How do you measure your own life by certain “phenomena”? And is it possible to put a frame around your life? This collaborative work from a group of young artists reflects life as a stream that is controlled by no one, but flows in the presence of an “internal observer” that everyone possesses.

A person tries at all times to give names to phenomena, objects, events. Otherwise he seems to be unable to see or recognize them. We tend to split reality into fragments and give definitions to these fragments. It is difficult to accept the notion that there is no end, that there is only a kaleidoscope, where one thing gives rise to another, and that only humans put that into different "frames." We used this principle to create a movement piece. Taking as a basis the impulse born from the interaction of a person with an object, we created a reflexive performance, where the main theme is an attempt to give names to what we observe.
Viktoria Petrenko, director