Tractorists - 2

CINE FANTOM Summer Film Series
Directed by Igor Aleinikov and Gleb Aleinikov
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Duration: 90 minutes

Tractorists - 2
1992, 90 minutes

The first Russian remake

Directed by Igor Aleinikov and Gleb Aleinikov
Screenplay by Gleb Aleinikov and Renata Litvinova
Featuring Alexander Belyavsky, Yevgeny Kondratyev, Boris Yukhananov, Larisa Borodina, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Valery Yaryomenko, Larisa Luzhina

Klim Yarko returns from the army and wants to live a peaceful life as a tractor driver. He has a choice: on one hand there is the rich collective farm where the hip young girl Mariana Bazhan works; she is being chased unsuccessfully by the already elderly Nazar Duma although her father, the chairman of the collective farm, clearly is on Klim's side. On the other hand, there is the impoverished kolkhoz whose inhabitants have come together as an anarchist gang that terrorizes their wealthy neighbors. The battle does bring casualties.


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