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Со второй половины дня 23 июня фойе возобновит работу обычном режиме.


About My Mother and About Me

A play by Yelena Isaeva
Directed by Yelena Morozova
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Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Nearest performances

16 July,  Tuesday

The premiere took place in 5 December 2018.

A reading of Ylena Isaeva’s About My Mother and About Me was first held at the Lyubimovka festival in 2003, then for many years ran at Teatr.doc. As performed freely, affectionately and humorously by Yelena Morozova and Diana Rakhimova, it consisted of the memories (school essays) of a girl about her conversations with her mother, equally expressing frustration and love, fatigue and joy. For Teatr.doc, with which Yelena Isaeva was involved from the very start, it was important to hear this text in such a performance. It became clear that a private person's history told us about our time and ourselves every bit as well as official history does.

Fifteen years later, long after Teatr.doc left the famous basement on Tryokhprudny Pereulok, well after the deaths of its founders Mikhail Ugarov and Elena Gremina, the production will be played by the original cast at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.