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The Transcription of Error

Music for 7 people in a theatre. Author: Alexander Chernyshkov
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Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

This mutating performance is rewritten every time it is performed. It changes to suit the performers, as well as the local language and cultural environment. The “theatre of error" studies the essence of the present moment.

This is simultaneously a musical theatre-opera, and stand-up comedy, an inverted concert and eccentric improvisation, dramatic theatre and an existential circus.

Seven superheroes from different countries and areas of art create situations that go beyond common logic.

The Transcription of Error creates a situation in which we are so deceptively close to reality that it seems to us this is reality and we have confused it with a musical play, even though we know we are mistaken.




Author of the the piece and the musical-scenical score: Alexander Chernyshkov
Stage director: Isabelle Kranabetter
Light designer: Vadim Gorbachev
Dramaturgy consultant: Alexander Belousov
Production manager: Anastasia Shchyurova

Dario Fariello
Stefan Voglsinger
Miriam Sekhon
Vladimir Gorlinsky
Marina Poleukhina
Alessandro Baticci
Márton Kovács