A Lonely Cabaretian and his Dead Friends A One-Man Show by Sergei "Mad Pierrot" Vasilyev

Jointly with the Mad Pierrot Cabaret group
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Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes with one intermission

Sergei Vasilyev, the director and lead vocalist of the Mad Pierrot Cabaret and Electrocabaret projects, sings the songs of poets who have left this world - Vertinsky, Brecht, Mayakovsky, Letov, David Bowie - doing it in ways that are funny, tragic and unforgiving of himself and his audience. Impeccable vocals, a bit of irony and a little alcohol - this is the way a Russian cabaret artist does it.

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 Саша Бронвейбер (скрипка), Илья Чистяков (бас-гитара)