The Shining

Director: Philipp Grigoryan
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Duration: 50 min.

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31 March,  Sunday

This musical cabaret was staged by Philipp Grigoryan at the Chateau de Fantomas club in Moscow, was resurrected for the Territory Festival in 2018 and is now an entry in the repertoire of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.
It is based on 12 songs by Yegor Letov, the leader of Civil Defense, and singer Yanka Dyagileva, arranged by composer Igor Vdovin and performed by actress Alisa Khazanova.
The catastrophic poetry of radical artists of the Perestroika era who keenly felt the gap between officialdom and personal freedom, is now reconsidered in the spirit of postmodern aestheticism.

Phillipp Grigoryan: “The Shining tells the story of the destruction of a fragile world built on the delicate foundation of girlish fantasies that cannot withstand the onslaught of reality, which bursts into it through a crack in its protective shell. The songs, charged with primal energy, form a counterpoint to what the spectator sees. Semantic polyphony, born of the collision of the audiovisuals and the semantics, creates for us a new picture of Letov – he's not so much a rebel and iconoclast, as he is a artist and poet with subtle feelings who suffers from his own imperfections no less than from the imperfections of the surrounding world.”


Songs by Yegor Letov and Yanka Diaghileva

Lead role — Alisa Khazanova
Mishutka — Vano Mironyan
Piano — Elina Kani

Musical Producer — Igor Vdovin
Producer — Snezhanna Georgieva
Executive Producer — Alexandra Ruzycz
Costumes — Masha Kechaeva
Lighting Designer — Sergei Vasilyev
Sound Engineer — Alexander Demsky
Lighting Technician— Nikita Chernousov
Set Technician — Yury Karasik

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