Haruhisa Kawamura

Keeper of the Tradition of the Kyoto Noh Theatre school

Haruhisa Kawamura (Haruki Kawamura) was born in 1956. He began studying the art of Noh theater under his father Haruo Kawamura. His stage debut took place at the age of three. Even in his youth, as a third-generation member of the Kawamura clan, he was a brilliant disciple of the Kyoto Noh theatre school. Today Haruhisa Kawamura is one of the best-known custodians of the Kyoto Noh theatre school, an active member of influential Japanese associations for preserving the traditions of Noh theater. He pays much attention to the popularization and research of Noh traditions in different countries. He teaches at various universities, and conducts and organizes master classes in Noh theatre.

In 2014, Haruhisa Kawamura oversaw the rehearsals of scenes employing the techniques of Noh theatre in Boris Yukhananov's production of The Blue Bird.

Works in the Electrotheater Stanislavsky
2015«Синяя птица», реж. Борис Юхананов