25 January, 19:00
Reading, 3rd rehearsal room

Reading Group of texts by Donna Haraway

A new course
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Center for New Philosophy

Reading groups engage in slow reading, and are arranged as a seminar, but with no teacher. Participants read a specific text in advance and then, together, with an expert who is capable of doing a deep reading of the text, engage in a discussion in small groups.

Donna Haraway is an American philosopher, a founder of cyberfeminism and new materialism, the author of research in science and technology in the era of post-humanism.

The reading group is led by Alexander Pisarev, Yekaterina Nikitina and Denis Sivkov.

The material for the seminars is a sequence of Donna Haraway's texts, from the early manifestos to more recent ones where differences and a multiplicity of points of view are visible within her works.

Leader: Yekaterina Nikitina
Laboratory Animals and Their People


Admission free with prior registration on TimePad.ru

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