11 January, 19:00
Lecture, Foyer

Ungrounded Speculation: The Geological Toxicology of the Absolute

Gilles Deleuze’s Desert Islands. Research Course. Lecture No. 3
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Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, jointly with the Center for New Philosophy, presents:

Ungrounded Speculation: The Geological Toxicology of the Absolute.

Contemporary speculative philosophy is torn between two metaphors - the cryptographic and the forensic, which are a closed circuit forming a hermeneutic balance between thought and the thinkable. Deleuze’s text is an attempt to solve these problems with a geological metaphor. This claim refers to Deleuze’s geo-philosophy project as a basic way of working at the intersection of the philosophical and the geological, and it is designed to resolve the non-productive relationship between philosophy and history which make it impossible to produce anything new. Nevertheless, the combination of geology and speculation makes it necessary to establish a distinction within geo-philosophy itself - to the geo-philosophy of the territory and the geo-philosophy of the resource.

These lectures are devoted to the work Gilles Deleuze did with co-authors and his transformations in their languages, texts, and logic. The course generally concerns the question of whether the timely can exist outside the potential; that is, can depths exist without surfaces?

The course format involves lectures in which a moderator opposes a speaker, building a dialogue and introducing his own conceptual framework. Lectures are given at the same time in Moscow and St. Petersburg: two halls are synchronized via Skype conference and thus are present simultaneously.

Speakers: Nikita Sazonov, Yevgeny Blinov

Tickets: 300 rubles. Subscription to 4 lectures: 900 rubles