26 January, 12:00
Training, 4th rehearsal room


A Master Class with Eduard Neimatov
Book tickets from 500 ₽
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Metavitonics is a modern health improvement technique developed by Eduard Neimatov over his 30-year practice in traditional and alternative medicine. It treats an individual as a holistic organism, where body structures, metabolism, and emotions are closely interrelated and influence one another. Metavitonics is a sum of carefully selected knowledge and techniques that aid in treating a person carefully, gently and safely.

Professor Neimatov’s Institute of Osteopathy and Metavitonics is an educational project designed to spread and promote a healthy lifestyle, training specialists in health and body work. The Institute was founded in 2014 by doctor of osteopathy Neimatov with osteopathic surgeon-traumatologist and orthopedic surgeon Ales Ulishchenko at the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

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