16 October, 21:00
Performance, Small stage


Director: Philipp Grigoryan
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Songs by Yegor Letov and Yanka Diaghileva

Lead role — Alisa Khazanova
Mishutka — Vano Mironyan

Piano — Elina Kani
Musical Producer — Igor Vdovin
Producer — Snezhanna Georgieva
Executive Producer — Alexandra Ruzycz
Costumes — Masha Kechaeva
Lighting Designer — Sergei Vasilyev
Sound Engineer — Alexander Demsky
Lighting Technician— Nikita Chernousov
Set Technician — Yury Karasik

Actors — Vano Miranyan, Ilya Musatov, Pavel Frolov

Twelve songs by Yegor Letov and Yanka Diagileva, rewritten and arranged by composer Igor Vdovin, are performed by actress Alisa Khazanova. Radiance is composed as a musical cabaret, and is dedicated to the romantic and tragic figures of Russian rock. In this production by Philipp Grigoryan, the poetry and radical protest of the leader of the band Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense) mix with young girls' fantasies, which are expressed in the visual aspects of the performance. Radiance stands at the crossroads of tenderness and fury. The Apocalyptic poetry of radical artists from the Perestroika era sensed the gap separating the time of official history and personal, private history. Here this poetry is brought to life anew, reinterpreted by way of the aesthetic vision of Grigoryan, a child of the post-dramatic era with a highly developed sense of egotism and a longing for unexpected collisions.

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