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14 September, 20:00
Presentation, Foyer

Presentation of A Life in Space, a book by Galina Rymbu (M: NLO, 2018)

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Galina Rymbu is a poet, literary critic, curator, and activist. She graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute. She did master’s work in social and political philosophy at European University. She is the curator and co-founder of the Arkady Dragomoshchenko Prize, and she organizes seminars on feminist literature and theory. Her books of poetry include The Mobile Space of a Coup (Moscow, 2014) and The Time of the Earth (Kharkov, 2018). White Bread, a book of her poems translated into English, was published in New York in 2016. Her poems have been translated into German, Swedish, Italian, and Latvian, and have been published in the journals New Literary Review, Vozdukh, Translit, Snob and others. She was a prize-winner at the Poetry without Borders Festival (Riga, 2017). She lives in Lviv, Ukraine.

"The movement of speech, its flow, is realized by the author as material movement. She is economic with words, organizes the text graphically and semantically, and employs emotional charges soberly, even materialistically. For that reason, the main theme of the book is the nature and organization of matter in time and space, primarily the matter of language in the time and space of writing.” - Anna Glazova in the foreword to A Life in Space.

"It seems to me that all the words we use in speech and the poetic language never really last long in reality and time. The language which we speak in everyday life changes with great speed. Perhaps, in relation to this language, a poem is, yes, just a photo for the memory, but at the same time this picture already contains a piece of oblivion. Such is the catastrophic nature of the poetic experience, but also the key to its paradoxical singularity. It's like seeing off a guest in wartime or at the curfew, knowing that something terrible might happen to him along the way, but you hope wiht all your heart that he has an easy journey." - Galina Rymbu.

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