28 June, 20:00
Film, Foyer

CINE FANTOM Film Club at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre presents: 50

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Country: Russia
Year: 2018
Directed by Tikhon Pendyurin and Daniil Zinchenko

Fifty years in the life of the artist called Pakhom. One day in the life of the nation. Performing his life to the public space, the Russian painter, actor and musician Sergei Pakhomov turns into Pakhom, preserving only two primary humane feelings - love and loneliness. On November 4, 2016, Pakhom went on a pilgrimage up and down Tverskaya Street in honor of his 50th birthday. Fifty times he marched from Triumfalnaya Square to Manezhnaya Square in Moscow, recollecting his life, speaking to various people. Detailed information about this action forms the basis of the film. A parallel narrative line consists of frank talks between Sergei Pakhomov and his mother, who sees the life and actions of her son in her own way, mixing personal memories with the history of Russia.

Daniil Zinchenko is a graduate of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. He is a participant in the VVERKH! creative association. He debuted in cinema as an actor in Yevgeny Yufit’s films Wooden Room (1995) and Silver Heads (1999). Among others he has directed the films Isvol (2011, short), 165 (2011, short), Horizon (2012, short), Dreams of Grisha the Partisan (2013, short), and Elixir (2015).

CINE FANTOM’s traditional talk back with the filmmakers follows the screening.

In Russian.



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