12 May, 13:00
Concert, Theatre Yard

Duo muller/kobi&kgxxx

A nine-hour improvisational concet on the stage of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre's Theatre Yard
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With the support of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

The Swiss duet of Christian Müller, on clarinet and electronic music, and Christian Kobi, on saxophone

The duet will perform in Moscow with the KGXXX duo.

KGXXX is a Moscow electronic duo founded in 2016 by composer Dmitri Kourliandski and sound artist Andrei Guryanov. They perform improvisational music, employing the instruments and elements of dance music to create a minimalistic, yet detailed soundscape. The duo refers to this soundscape as Open Dance Music/ODM.

Christian Kobi uses a highly sensitive microphone to capture the acoustically rich sounds and hints of the sounds he makes on his soprano saxophone. Electronic musician and clarinetist Christian Müller creates live electronic sound effects with an experimental sampler, highlighting the sounds he plays on his bass clarinet. Kobi and Müller are two musicians very close to each other in spirit. As they search for new sound qualities on their instruments, they create a subtle and unique world of sound.

These four musicians will perform a multi-hour marathon, exploring the possibilities of interaction of ideas and structures arising in the here and now, in the flow of live improvisation.

Christian Kobi
Christian Müller

You may attend the whole performance or part of it. You may also come and go at any time during the performance.


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