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6 February, 19:00
Lecture, Foyer

Art of Cinema magazine lecture series

Jointly with the School of Contemporary Spectators and Listeners
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Shadows/Signs of the New Documentary Method

This is a cycle of conversations involving film critic and scholar Zara Abdullaeva and authors who contribute to Art of Cinema magazine. These dialogues touch on various aspects of modern cinema, theatre, and art. This lecture concerns non-performance and performance in theatre projects, feature films, and documentaries. What was true of the previous decade, when feature films celebrated paradocumentary poetics, has changed. In what ways? We will discuss this, as we will also discuss the difficulties of the very concept of "documentary."

The conversation is hosted by Zara Abdullaeva, film critic, editor of Art of Cinema magazine, author of books about Kira Muratova, Ulrich Seidl, Anatoly Vasilyev, post-documentary theatre and cinema.


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