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Голем. День третий. «Венская репетиция. Дискуссия» – 25 апреля 2010 г. Фотограф: Денис Климушкин
30 May, 16:00
Film, Webcast

The Cinema of Boris Yukhananov. The Golem, a filmed performance, 2007. Film directed by Alexander Belousov.

Films and theatre productions from the Boris Yukhananov archive. Jointly with Seance magazine
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The Cinema of Boris Yukhananov: We Gaze into the Past as if it Were the Present

Films and theatre productions from the Boris Yukhananov archive

Jointly with Seance magazine 


This is a collection of productions on video that originated in numerous past eras of Russian culture. Some of them capture projects of the 1980s and 1990s, when several hotbeds of underground art arose inside the Soviet Union. Others are laboratory projects exploring all sorts of texts, as well as the nature of the actor/amateur in a performance. Finally, the third part offers completed productions that were performed at various theatre venues in the 2000s. Filmed as cinema, not as theatre, these works are a snapshot of Boris Yukhananov's oeuvre, which anticipated many trends in contemporary theatre and performance art.

Streams will take place on the Seance website and on the Electrotheatre page in Vkontakte.

May 30, 4 p.m. The Golem, a filmed performance, 2007. Film directed by Alexander Belousov.

This film captures the process of creating the production, The Golem, which is an example of a play that was expected to evolve. In 2007, Boris Yukhananov and Grigory Zeltser's LaboraTORiAH project focused on the study of sacred biblical texts, and participated in the Tikun Olam international festival of Jewish theatres (Vienna). One of the results of this participation was the premiere of a production called The Golem. The Vienna Rehearsal at the School of Dramatic Art. The performance was arranged as a series of independent works conducted by participants on the material of scenes from H. Leivik’s play The Golem, permeated by Megamagaral’s performances (Yukhananov’s “life-creating hypostasis” in the project).

See details on the Boris Yukhananov website.