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1 July, 21:00
Film, Theatre Yard

Zen Boxing

CINE FANTOM Summer Film Series
Directed by Gleb Aleinikov and Alexander Dulerain
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Zen Boxing
1998, 56 minutes
Directed by Gleb Aleinikov and Alexander Dulerain
Featuring Dmitry Pevtsov, Ignat Aleinikov, Irina Apeksimova, Olga Drozdova, Igor Kechaev, Yelena Koreneva, Igor Lysov, Tamara Sagaidak, Andrei Silvestrov, Nikolai Solovov, Dmitry Troitsky, Oleg Khaibullin, Boris Yukhananov, Gleb Aleinikov, Alexander Dulerain, Tengiz Adzhikarimov, Yury Yurinsky

How do you defeat a warrior who has not yet been born, while you have already died? The real magic of Zen Boxing is its trendy style, paradoxical language, paranormal phenomena, Ancient China, black humor, Internet, love, and its kickboxing.

Plus a program of shorts by Alexander Dulerain.