30 May, 22:00
Concert, Electro Staircase

Electrostatica. Andrei Guryanov, Grisha Mumrikov

A special balance of checks, counterbalances and interactions
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Andrei Guryanov is a composer and sound engineer. He works with sound installations, sound in cinema and theatre, performance and improvisational music. The focus of his interest is generative music, field recordings, and electronic improvisational music.
He studied cinematic sound engineering at the St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Theatre, and studied at the Rodchenko School.
He is a member of the KGXXX duet with Dmitri Kourliandski, of Drojji (Felix Mikensky and Andrei Guryanov), and of a duet with Konstantin Samolov and Grisha Mumrikov.
In 2014, he published the only release of the Kineskop project, wherein he combined his experience and perception of working with cinematic sound with electronic music.


Grisha Mumrikov is a musician and artist. He created the MoN project, and participated in the work of DEREVO theatre. He received a classical higher education as a clarinetist, and after graduating from the Rodchenko school he focused on experimental musical projects, combining the clarinet with electronics.


For the Electro staircase, Andrei Guryanov and Grisha Mumrikov have prepared a special balance of checks, counterbalances and interactions.


“We peer into the eyes of infinity... And the fish of temptation swim by. They whisper to you about all the pleasures of this world. They follow you. But you swim on. Towards the dawn. Do not look into their eyes. Their shiny scales beckon to you, reflecting our dreams. But we sail on further. Because reflection is not our path... Our oars rustle quietly. Raking the waters of the river." (Director Kostas Marsan, for whose film Guryanov and Mumrikov wrote the music).