28 April, 20:00


A performance for 10 spectators
Book tickets from 1500 ₽
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Концепция и звук: Катя Решетникова
Разработка концепции и хореография: Кристина Петрова, Вера Щелкина

This interactive performance explores contact between the performer and the spectator. Much is encoded in the process of touch: the politics of the body, the process of touch, the absence of subject and object, and also the boundaries between oneself and the world.

Spectators, each of whom is offered a blindfold and earphones, join their personal conductor-performer to embark on a journey through sonic impressions of different spaces and situations created on the basis of binaural field recordings. This is an experience that cannot be seen, described or captured, it can only be experienced.

Three performances. Duration of each performance: 40 minutes.