2 April, 17:00
Performance, Small stage

The Artist from Without and Within

A participant in the Golden Mask Festival. Teatr Post (St. Petersburg)
A production of Dmitry Volkostrelov and Dmitry Renansky
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Based on texts by Jacopo Pontormo, Giorgio Vasari and Arkady Ippolitov

Performed by Ivan Nikolaev and Alyona Starostina

An installation with recorded voices, artifacts and live actors. Once inside, the spectator may read texts by art
critics, wander among the columns, and listen to two voices reading the diary of 16th-century artist Jacopo Pontormo. The Artist from Without and Within – half art, half anthropology, part museum, part theatre, part creative strategy, part life strategy - conceptualizes the figure of the author.

The production was nominated in the Experiment category of the Golden Mask Festival, 2019.

Tickets available at www.goldenmask.ru

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