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24 March, 17:00
Film, Foyer

The Birth and Death of LEF

A Screening of animated film
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The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre jointly with the Nekrasov Library presents:

In 1928, the Futurist poet Alexei Kruchonykh, a passionate film enthusiast, or, as he called himself, “a biased cinema-goer,” published the book Talking Cinema with his film drawings and a libretto. “In this book I tried to bring together the Great Silents and the Great Talkies by way of poetry. We must assume it is easy for them to be friendly: the frame fits verse and the stanza emerges as an episode in film,” writes Kruchonykh in the preface to the book.

In the same book, Kruchonykh publishes a sketched-out script, The Birth and Death of LEF, about which he writes: “I, of course, take into account that The Birth and Death of LEF is not a script in the full sense of the word: it is not divided into frames, but rather into episodes. There are more inscriptions in it than usual, parts are short and so on. But after all, it is intended not for staging, but for reading.”

The script was never filmed. In 2017 it was published by the Then project in the form of subtitles with editing sheets. In 2019 the Nekrasov Library brought the script to life in animated form in the framework of the exhibition “LEF. And Experiment in Creating the Art of the Day.”

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