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22 March, 16:00
Lecture, Foyer

The System and the Method: Stanislavsky and Strasberg in the 21st Century

A lecture by Sergei Cherkassky
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Contemporary theatre and theatre education need more than ever to separate the aesthetics of Stanislavsky's directorial works and his discoveries in the field of an actor's psychophysiology. These discoveries were meaningfully developed in practice by Lee Strasberg - one of the most influential acting teachers of the 20th century, who was also a director and theorist (Method acting). According to Soviet theatre scholarship, Strasberg narrowed the Stanislavsky system and mixed it with Freudianism. But his students included Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert De Niro.

Sergei Cherkassky's analysis of the international development of Stanislavsky’s ideas clarifies the logic of the development of the Stanislavsky system itself, and updates its provisions for today's theatrical practice.

Sergei Cherkassky is a director and teacher, the head of the acting workshop of RGISI, a PhD in Art History, and a winner of the Stanislavsky International Prize. He is the author of the books Stanislavsky and Yoga, The Actor's Craft: Stanislavsky - Boleslavsky - Strasberg. Story. Theory. Practice, and the editor of the books The Sulimov Directorial School, and Hope on Mokhovaya - 100 Years On. He has researched the reconstruction of theatrical pedagogy of the First Studio of the Moscow Art Theatre.

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