19 March, 22:00
Concert, Electro Staircase

Electrostatica. Nikolai Golikov. Self-regulation

Prepared improvisation for an eight-channel system and a modular synthesizer
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Self-regulation is a homeostasis, the ability of an open system to maintain the constancy of its internal state through coordinated reactions aimed at maintaining dynamic equilibrium.

Homeostatic systems possess the following properties:
–    Instability.
–    Striving for balance.
–    Unpredictability.

A modular synthesizer inherently is a hybrid analog-to-digital computer, the input of which is the parameters entered by an individual. The result of the calculation is sound, which, in turn, affects the person. The parameters entered into the computer change as a result of the human perception of sound. This creates a system with deep feedback, prone to self-regulation.

Nikolai Golikov is a Moscow science/sound artist. His setup often includes various chemical, physical and other processes. The material for his work may be the processes occurring in the human body, or gas burning in a tank. He is one of the leading developers for the Keen Association team (Moscow).

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